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Why Buch?


What Makes Buch Attractive as a Location

Health City Berlin 2030 – Research Metropolis Berlin – Berlin, a center in Europe for top-level medicine! This is the ambitious goal Germany’s capital has set its sights on – and in Berlin-Buch, it is a  goal that is being pursued with great enthusiasm and purpose.  Here in the last decades a synergy has developed between research and patient care, innovation and therapy. Today Buch is a magnet for excellent scientists from all over the world. Well-established companies work here alongside start-ups, and teams of doctors and researchers work hand in hand. Their motto: “Committed to Health”.

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Health Region Buch

The campus in the northeast of Berlin, where construction and investment in state-of-the-art technology continue at a rapid pace, is highly attractive. Around 75 high-tech companies have settled in the biotechnology park since 1995 in order to benefit from the immediate proximity and expertise of the three internationally renowned research institutions. Here 1,250 scientists work in the fields of molecular medicine, pharmacology and clinical research. In the immediate vicinity of the campus three hospitals treat 220,000 patients annually. The largest hospital, a maximum care facility, is one of the most important employers in the region.

Already today, 370,000 employees in the Berlin health sector generate an annual revenue of around 25 billion euros, and Berlin-Buch as the innovation engine of the sector is driving this development forward.

8 Good Reasons to Settle on Campus Berlin-Buch

  • Premier capital city location
  • Immediate availability of space
  • Specialized labor force
  • Close proximity to excellent research centers and hospitals
  • Attractive rental terms
  • Continuing education courses and in-service training on-site
  • Vibrant and cosmopolitan campus community
  • Interdisciplinary networks and platforms with easy access

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Buch – A Location of Future Innovation

Buch has been designated as one of Berlin‘s eleven “locations of future innovations” and intends to evolve further as Green Health City. The research campus, among other institutions, is providing important impetus for this endeavor. In expanding the campus, great emphasis is being placed on ecological, socio-cultural and economic quality to ensure that the campus remains a vibrant part of Berlin-Buch. Furthermore, Buch institutions and companies promote environmentally friendly mobility and the health of their employees. Berlin-Buch is becoming increasingly popular as a place to live.  Attractive heritage-listed hospital areas have been developed into residential parks. We invite you to come and see for yourself how research, production, patient care, education and living are all an integral part of Berlin-Buch and make up the unique character of this innovative, green and attractive health city.

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Auswertung und Analyse von Proteinen mit Western Blot