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Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH offers its clients on Campus Berlin-Buch a comprehensive infrastructure and service culture. The main task of Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH is to assist and support biotech companies – from start-ups to mature enterprises – in settling on the campus of the BiotechPark Berlin-Buch with access to the resources of the Innovation and Incubation Center.

IT Technology

IT Services

Corporate success requires secure and high-speed data communication. The campus IT team supplies Campus Berlin-Buch and the Biotech Park with a modern communications and network structure and with the connection to the German Research Network. Services and support for all campus facilities are included in the portfolio.

On the basis of the communication infrastructures of the German National Research and Education Network (DFN) and the Berlin Research Area Information Network (BRAIN) with which Campus Berlin-Buch is affiliated, Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH as operator of the campus network offers a spectrum of services as standard service package. It is available to all institutions and companies on the campus. The fee for the service package is calculated using real-time measurements on the basis of the internet traffic volume to and from the IP addresses of your company. Similar to the billing for operating costs, a quarterly flat rate will be determined based on your data volume from the previous year. At the beginning of each year, the flat rate will be adjusted to your actual data volume.

Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH offers the service “server housing”. Here interested companies can connect their servers to the campus network and thus in the case of insurance-technical requirements store their databases separately. The server housing has the following parameters:

  • Access to the premises of the server housing and the rented cabinets is strictly electronically controlled, coupled with the monitoring by the BMS (building management system), in order to optimally protect the equipment and the data.
  • A video surveillance system is coupled to the building monitoring system of the security service.
  • Depending on the scope, security needs and power (kVA), we provide flexible rack space. In addition, the required bandwidth can be precisely adapted to the requirements of the company.
  • It is also possible to have gateways to company-internal IT systems that are completely separate from the campus network via fiber optic cables (physical) or via campus network-based, protected VLAN (virtual LAN, logical).
  • The maximum availability of all data is secured by optimal conditions such as full air conditioning, fire protection and operation of the equipment connected to different power supplies AV (standard power supply) and SV (special power supply/emergency diesel generator). In addition, we also offer the use of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

On the campus, fiber optic cables (single and multimode), copper cables and empty conduits will be offered to individual institutions/companies for their sole use. These can be used for company-internal LAN and/or telephone connections between different buildings.

For all users of the biotech park, the internet domain is

In the network area of central services and servers, the domain is also used. In the biotech park, the DNS, WWW and email addresses for companies will always end with If a company on campus plans to have its own internet address, this can be requested from the DFN via Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH. Only domains propagated by the DFN will be supported and then implemented on the appropriate campus servers.

Responsibilities and contacts:

Administrative Contact Person Applicant / Managing Director
Technical Contact Person Applicant or Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH/Campus IT
Zone Administrator Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH/Campus IT

Unwanted data traffic is blocked from the campus system by a firewall, which is also configured to protect the internet from unwanted harmful traffic from the campus. For normal communications, the relevant internet protocols are allowed in both directions. Internet applications by companies that require special settings are implemented separately on request. The request or change of a company-specific firewall setting can be made using a form or a web page.

Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH operates central email servers which regulate the email traffic of the campus. These servers check incoming and outgoing emails with regard to spam and viruses. Communication between mail servers is encrypted.

The campus-wide directory service for the staff of the campus is updated daily. It can be used via the internet browser or via an LDAP tool provided online. Convenient maintenance of these address data is thus ensured for the email client.

Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH has installed a virtualization solution distributed over three central buildings (13, 55, 72) using VMware. In this redundant, virtual server structure, software is installed on computers as real existing hardware. With this technically sophisticated IT solution, the end user experiences no difference to his/her previous way of working. In contrast to conventionally installed hardware, this installation has several advantages. Besides duplications of stable-running servers, multiple scheduled snapshots can be saved and thus in the event of an error can be reactivated within a very short time. Furthermore, the user need not purchase server hardware. As with server housing, these virtual servers can be integrated directly into the user network via user-specific VLAN.

The telecommunications system is operated exclusively via CBB’s own end devices, which offer an extensive number of features. The tenant can select the desired communications feature (intercontinental, continental, national, site-restricted, semi-restricted and Campus) from the PBX (private branch exchange). All costs incurred in this regard shall be borne by the tenant.

Special services include voice mail service (an answering machine with many additional functions), call forwarding, interactive user guidance via the local display of the phone, memory for meeting dates, call back within the network and much more. All ISDN typical features (“call waiting”, “toggle”, “musiphone”, etc.) can be activated. Some special services, such as an inquiry station (“switchboard”) are, however, not available.

Analog fax machines can only be connected at a limited number of lines that need to be specifically configured. If you intend to purchase a new fax machine, please contact us beforehand, because not every brand can communicate with the PBX (thus far, all existing fax machines could be connected to the PBX after configuration). The fax traffic via PC is easier, faster and thus more cost-effective. For this purpose, we offer adapters that via an extension (“Optiset E data adapter”) of your local telephone (only with “Optiset advance” or “Optiset advance plus”) support an ISDN card (e.g.: Fritz Card, TELES Card, etc.) in your PC. Such a card is inexpensive to purchase commercially and makes the use of modem connections unnecessary.

Please use the offered free cross-connections to the previously mentioned facilities.

Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH does not collect personal data of individual telephone calls. If this is desired, we request that the management of your company notify us accordingly.

Support is offered for installations of the user’s own hardware or software. The cost and the special requirements of the installations are to be agreed upon separately depending on the problem.


Lars Kempe
Team Leader CampusIT