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How the body’s defenses keep their weapons in check

03.02.2023 / The signaling molecules of the immune system should trigger a response only where necessary. To prevent a life-threatening spread to the rest of the body, connective tissue can absorb these molecules like a sponge. A team led by Thomas Blankenstein presents this mechanism in “Nature Immunology. … more

Lausanne University Hospital Investigates Use of PENTIXAFOR in Cardio-Vascular Setting

01.02.2023 / The Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) has reported the initial dosing of a patient in a phase II clinical study investigating the sensitivity of PENTIXAFOR (Boclatixafotide) in a cardiovascular and inflammatory setting. It is the first time that Eckert & Ziegler’s proprietary CXCR4-compound is used in an advanced clinical test in a non-cancer indication, opening the way for a broader use of PENTIXAFOR outside of oncology. … more

ERC Proof of Concept Grant for Mina Gouti

24.01.2023 / Organoids have to be fed and cared for continuously so that they can mature. So far, it is mostly a manual process – not suitable for industrial drug screening. Now, the European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Mina Gouti a Proof of Concept Grant to tackle scalability and reproducibility. … more

Paul Ehrlich foundation honors Leif S. Ludwig

24.01.2023 / Leif S. Ludwig, a researcher at the Max Delbrück Center and the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH), will receive the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Young Investigator Award 2023 for a new method to analyze the formation of blood cells, as the Scientific Council of the Paul Ehrlich Foundation announced today. … more

Inborn immunodeficiency discovered – and explained

23.01.2023 / A group of international researchers – among them Stephan Mathas from the ECRC – has found that changing a single segment of the genome causes a previously unknown immunodeficiency in humans. The paper, which appears in Science Immunology, reports the discovery of a point mutation in the transcription factor IRF4. … more

Change in the Supervisory Board of Eckert & Ziegler AG

20.12.2022 / Eckert Wagniskapital und Frühphasenfinanzierung GmbH has appointed radiation physicist Paola Eckert-Palvarini as its new representative on the Supervisory Board of Eckert & Ziegler AG (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX). … more

Changes in the Management Board of Eckert & Ziegler

19.12.2022 / The founder and CEO of Eckert & Ziegler AG (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX), Dr. Andreas Eckert, today gave notice to the company that he intends to transfer from the Management to the Supervisory Board after the company’s General Shareholder Meeting in mid-2023. Before that the Supervisory Board appointed, for a period of two years effective 1 January 2023, two additional new Executive Directors, Dr. Hakim Bouterfa as Chief Medical Officer and Jutta Ludwig as Head of Asia. Both are already with the Eckert & Ziegler and shall now, albeit on the Board level, support Dr. Harald Hasselmann, whom Eckert recommended as his successor. … more

Starvation causes cell remodelling

17.12.2022 / Body cells burn off fat reserves when nutrient supply from food ceases. A team led by Professor Volker Haucke and Dr. Wonyul Jang from the Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) has now discovered a previously unknown mechanism for how this “starvation response” is triggered, and what can inhibit it. The results have been published in the renowned international journal Science. … more

Understanding the transition to disease

14.12.2022 / As part of the IMMEDIATE project, a team led by ECRC researcher Friedemann Paul is investigating inflammatory precursors of diseases – and how nutrition and the gut microbiome influence the immune system. The project is receiving more than €7 million in EU funding. … more

Glycotope with South Korean partner against breast cancer

13.12.2022 / News Innovation / 20.12.2022 Change in the Supervisory Board of Eckert & Ziegler AG Innovation / 19.12.2022 Changes in the Management Board of Eckert & Ziegler economic development / 13.12.2022 Glycotope with South Korean partner against breast cancer Therabest and Glycotope to assess Therabest’s iPSC-derived NK cell product TB-100 in combination with Glycotope’s GT-00AxIL15 immuno-cytokine for development in triple negative breast cancer … more

The genes of the sixth sense

08.12.2022 / To perform coordinated movements, we rely on special sensory neurons in our muscles and joints. Without them, the brain wouldn’t know what the rest of our body was doing. A team led by Niccolò Zampieri has studied their molecular markers to better understand how they work and describes the results in “Nature Communications”. … more

Max Delbrück Center celebrates 30th anniversary

08.12.2022 / On December 7, the Max Delbrück Center in Berlin celebrated its 30th birthday with the inauguration of Maike Sander as the new Scientific Director. The diabetes researcher brings together scientific excellence, innovation, and medical applications. … more

OMEICOS Therapeutics Announces Expansion of OMT-28 Clinical Development Program into Primary Mitochondrial Diseases

08.12.2022 / OMT-28’s established safety profile, biomarker data, and funding secured from existing investors enable swift transition into a Phase II clinical study … more

From California to Berlin: Maike Sander

03.12.2022 / On November 1, 2022, Professor Maike Sander took over as Scientific Director of the Max Delbrück Center. The diabetes researcher succeeds Professor Thomas Sommer, who had directed the Center on an interim basis since 2019. … more

Through the eyes of Jeanne Mammen

28.11.2022 / Seeing the world through the eyes of Jeanne Mammen – this was the theme of a celebratory evening at Campus Buch to mark the 132nd birthday of the artist and friend of Max Delbrück. The reading officially opened the project CampusArt – Science and Art on the Campus. … more

What octopus and human brains have in common

26.11.2022 / Cephalopods like octopuses, squids and cuttlefish are highly intelligent animals with complex nervous systems. In “Science Advances”, a team led by Nikolaus Rajewsky of the Max Delbrück Center has now shown that their evolution is linked to a dramatic expansion of their microRNA repertoire. … more

Eckert & Ziegler Receives Green Light for Phase III Study with PENTIXAFOR

25.11.2022 / PENTIXAPHARM GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Eckert & Ziegler AG (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX), received green light from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to conduct a phase III registration study in patients suffering from various forms of Non-Hodgkin-Lymphomas. Following several rounds of scientific advice, the EMA Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) endorsed a study design presented by PENTIXAPHARM’s management, which envisions treating up to 500 lymphoma patients with the Gallium-68 based radiotracer PENTIXAFOR in about 30 participating European clinics. In its endorsement the CHMP adopted the advice given by the EMA Scientific Advice Working Party, a multidisciplinary group, which comprises delegates from several national European Health Agencies, members of the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products, the Paediatric Committee, the Committee for Advanced Therapies, and the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee. The first treatments with PENTIXAFOR are expected to start in the first half of 2023, subject to approval by national health authorities. … more

ERC Starting Grants for Berlin scientists

22.11.2022 / They have their sights set on serious diseases: Gabriele G. Schiattarella analyzes mechanisms of heart failure, Simon Haas wants to improve immunotherapies for leukemia and Michael Sigal would like to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Now, the ERC is awarding the researchers with a Starting Grant. … more

Cancer researcher Ulrike Stein receives high honor

16.11.2022 / Ulrike Stein is searching for molecules that play a key role in metastasis, aiming to use them as therapeutic targets for solid tumors and to improve cancer prognosis. The Metastasis Research Society has recognized her work with this year’s Women in Science Achievement Award. … more

Highly cited – and influential

15.11.2022 / Sofia Forslund, Friedemann Paul and Nikolaus Rajewsky are among the Highly Cited Researchers 2022. Each year, the company Clarivate lists researchers who have demonstrated significant influence in their field. In addition, has ranked Klaus Rajewsky as one of the world’s best scientists. … more

A second chance for the Sumatran rhino

09.11.2022 / Malaysia’s last male Sumatran rhino, Kertam, died in 2019. Now, a team from the Max Delbrück Center has successfully grown stem cells and mini-brains from his skin cells. As they report in "iScience", their goal is to create sperm cells that may help to save the endangered species from extinction. … more

ASC Oncology proudly announces new partnership with Tamer Group

01.11.2022 / Cancer does not stop at borders - and neither does an approach to personalized cancer therapy developed in Berlin. Reverse Clinical Engineering® is now available to oncologists and cancer patients in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and North Africa. … more

FyoniBio and Strike Pharma sign a Master Service Agreement covering Cell Line Development for a novel bi-specific therapeutic mAb

21.10.2022 / Berlin, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden, October 20, 2022: FyoniBio, a CDO expert specialized in tailored cell line development and Strike Pharma, whose proprietary Adaptable Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC) technology enables development of individualized immunotherapeutic treatments, are pleased to announce the signing of a cell line development agreement for Strike Pharma`s novel, innovative therapeutic recombinant mAb candidate. … more

T-knife Therapeutics Announces Dosing of First Patient with TK-8001 in the IMAG1NE Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial

20.10.2022 / SAN FRANCISCO and BERLIN, Oct. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- T-knife Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing T cell receptor-based immunotherapies that deliver transformational benefits to cancer patients, today announced it has dosed the first patient in the IMAG1NE Phase 1/2 clinical trial. The IMAG1NE trial is designed to evaluate the safety and preliminary efficacy of TK-8001, a T cell receptor (TCR) engineered T cell therapy (TCR-T) specific for the Melanoma-associated Antigen Gene-A1 (MAGE-A1), in patients with solid tumors. … more

No heart damage despite hypertension

19.10.2022 / An overactive enzyme that causes an inherited form of high blood pressure also appears to protect against hypertension-induced cardiac damage. A team of researchers from the Max Delbrück Center, ECRC, and DZHK led by Enno Klußmann explains in the journal Circulation how this could fundamentally change the way hearts can be protected from damage. … more

MyoPax wins NLSInvest Awards at Nordic Life Science Days

14.10.2022 / The two biotech start-up companies MyoPax and Asgards Therapeutics won first and second prize at NLSINvest Awards, out of 40 companies that participated in Nordic Life Science Days’ start-up pitching challenge. … more

Eckert & Ziegler and Alpha-9 Sign Actinium-225 (Ac-225) Reservation Agreement

13.10.2022 / Eckert & Ziegler (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX) and Alpha-9 Theranostics Inc. (Alpha-9), a radiopharmaceutical company with offices in Vancouver and Boston, have signed an agreement for the preferred supply of GMP grade Actinium-225. The reservation gives Alpha-9 priority access to Eckert & Ziegler's high-purity, non-carrier-added Actinium-225, a radionuclide used for the next generation of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. … more

Searching the sewers for viruses

12.10.2022 / Algorithms developed at the Max Delbrück Center are able to quickly detect new SARS-CoV-2 variants in wastewater. But that’s not all: the tool, which Altuna Akalin and his colleagues have now presented in “Science of the Total Environment”, can also find other pathogens. … more

Eckert & Ziegler to Build Production Line for NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes’ Dedicated Actinium-225 Production Facility

11.10.2022 / Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Technologies Dresden (ITD), a specialist for radiopharmaceutical plant engineering and fully owned subsidiary of Eckert & Ziegler AG (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX) and NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, LLC, a global innovator in the development, production and commercialization of radiopharmaceuticals used for therapeutic applications and medical imaging, today announced an agreement for the purchase of hot cells and related equipment for NorthStar’s dedicated non-carrier-added (n.c.a.) actinium-225 (Ac-225) production facility. Hot cells are specially designed shielded enclosures that allow the safe handling of radioactive material. The equipment, worth several million USD, will be used by NorthStar in Beloit, Wisconsin, to produce commercial-scale quantities of n.c.a. Ac-225. Ac-225 is an emerging medical radioisotope for potential use in the treatment of cancer. The manufacturing process for these advanced radiopharmaceuticals requires innovative solutions and equipment to enable routine large-scale commercial production of Ac-225. … more

Maike Sander receives 2022 Albert Renold Prize

21.09.2022 / The newly appointed scientific director of the Max Delbrück Center is recognized for her pioneering stem cell work in diabetes. Her team studies the development and function of insulin-producing beta cells and aims to generate beta cells from stem cells, paving the way for therapeutic applications. … more

Keeping aggressive cancer cells in check

20.09.2022 / BRCA1/2-mutated tumor cells often survive treatment, whether it’s chemo- or radiotherapy, because they can repair therapy-induced DNA damage. A team led by Claus Scheidereit of the Max Delbrück Center has now reported in The EMBO Journal how blocking the TSG101 protein hinders these tumor cells from carrying out repair processes. … more

Inhibitor of lipid kinase PI3KC2α identified as potential new treatment of thrombosis

16.09.2022 / The lipid kinase PI3KC2α is a potential pharmacological target for the treatment of thrombosis and, possibly, cancer. Researchers from the Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) have now identified a potent inhibitor of its activity that serves as a lead for further drug development. … more

Million euro support for MyoPax

06.09.2022 / MyoPax, a new spin-off of the Max Delbrück Center and Charité, receives a 1.3 million euros loan to jump-start its entrepreneurial activities. The start-up develops regenerative therapies for previously incurable muscle diseases using its innovative muscle stem cell technology. … more

With patience and a green thumb

02.09.2022 / Viola Ehrig is the green-thumbed gardener who works hard to ensure it’s not only science and innovation that flourish at the Berlin-Buch campus, but trees and flowers as well. She and her colleague Steve Kossack provide stimulating surroundings for everyone at the science campus, including employees of the MDC. … more

How new structures evolve

01.09.2022 / Mammals possess a novel gene that controls a novel structure in nerve cells. Researchers at the Max Delbrück Center and the Milner Centre for Evolution have discovered it and describe it in the journal „Molecular Biology and Evolution”. … more

SARS-CoV-2 can trigger chronic fatigue syndrome

31.08.2022 / SARS-CoV-2 has long been suspected of causing chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). A team of researchers from Charité and Max Delbrück Center now provides scientific evidence in the journal “Nature Communications”. The researchers also describe a similar clinical picture with a presumably different cause. … more

Stolen DNA strengthens immune diversity

30.08.2022 / To combat pathogens, the immune system needs an enormous number of different antibodies. In an MDC study, a group led by BIH professor Kathrin de la Rosa has now described in the journal PNAS a “stealing” mechanism that contributes to antibody diversity. … more

Eckert & Ziegler with Successful First Half of 2022

11.08.2022 / Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX) increased sales by 19% to EUR 106.8 million in the first half of the year. At EUR 15.4 million, net income was down on the same period of the previous year, in which the sale and associated deconsolidation of the tumor irradiation device division generated exceptional income of approximately EUR 9.4 million. Adjusted for this one-off effect, consolidated net income attributable to EZAG shareholders increased by around 20% year-on-year from EUR 12.8 million to EUR 15.4 million. Higher sales of industrial products and radiopharmaceuticals as well as favorable exchange rates contributed to this growth in earnings. … more

How pathogenic gene variants lead to heart failure

05.08.2022 / Cardiomyopathy is not a uniform disease. Rather, individual genetic defects lead to heart failure in different ways, an international consortium reports in “Science”. MDC researcher Norbert Hübner is one of the senior authors. … more

Eckert & Ziegler Affiliate to Receive Multi-Million Euro Grant from the European Defense Fund for Development of Medical Countermeasures

04.08.2022 / Myelo Therapeutics GmbH, an Affiliate of Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX) and member of a pan-European consortium of research and industry partners, was selected to receive grants worth approximately 17 million Euro for the development of its medical countermeasure (MCM) against acute radiation syndrome. The current program has the potential to advance its MCM candidate towards a marketing authorization application at the end of the four-year funding period. … more

Strengthening the immune response to blood cancer

24.07.2022 / Armin Rehm and Uta Höpken want to improve our immune defenses against cancer. They have recently shown in human cells what was previously only possible in mouse models. Their findings, published in Molecular Therapy, have raised the chances of a highly effective immunotherapy being developed for blood cancer. … more

How the zebrafish repairs a broken heart

22.07.2022 / An MDC research team led by Jan Philipp Junker and Daniela Panáková has found that zebrafish can regenerate heart tissue after injury. Connective tissue cells play an important role in the process by temporarily entering an activated state, as the team reports in “Nature Genetics”. … more

In-depth profiling of single cells

21.07.2022 / Single-cell analyses provide a wealth of molecular and genetic information. A team led by MDC researcher Uwe Ohler is using machine learning to combine these data and produce meaningful profiles of the cells. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is now funding the project. … more

Eckert & Ziegler Affiliate Receives Further NIAID Funding for Clinical Development

21.07.2022 / Myelo Therapeutics GmbH, an Affiliate of Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX), has announced that the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, extended their contract to advance the development of the new chemical entity Myelo001 to mitigate the acute radiation syndrome. The extension into year three of the three-year contract provides additional $ 2 million USD to Myelo Therapeutics to develop clinical-stage Myelo001 as an oral formulation MCM for the treatment of Hematopoietic Acute Radiation Syndrome (H-ARS). Initially awarded in April 2020, the total contract is valued at up to $ 6.5 million USD over three years, extending until March 2023. … more

Eckert & Ziegler and PRECIRIX Sign Agreement on Priority Supply of the Therapeutic Radioisotope Actinium-225 (Ac-225)

20.07.2022 / Eckert & Ziegler (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX) and the Belgian biotech company PRECIRIX NV (PRECIRIX) have signed an agreement for the supply of Actinium-225. This gives PRECIRIX priority access to Eckert & Ziegler's high-purity, non-carrier-added Actinium-225, which is used for the labeling of trial drugs in radionuclide therapy. … more

Unchartered territory in the human genome

14.07.2022 / An international consortium brings together 7,200 segments of the human genome that are virtually unexplored and presents a roadmap for integrating them into genome databases in “Nature Biotechnology”. They could hold information about what sets humans apart from other animals. … more

LegoChem Biosciences and Glycotope Announce Research Collaboration and License Agreement for an Antibody for use as Antibody Drug Conjugate

12.07.2022 / LegoChem Biosciences Inc. (LCB) and Glycotope GmbH (Glycotope) have signed a Research Collaboration and License Agreement to develop an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) by combining LCB's proprietary ADC technology with one of Glycotope's investigational tumor targeting antibodies. … more

Eckert & Ziegler Becomes Contract Manufacturer for Clinical Development Candidates Based on Lutetium-177 and Actinium-225

06.07.2022 / Eckert & Ziegler (ISIN DE0005659700, SDAX) has signed an agreement with the U.S. pharmaceutical company Ratio Therapeutics Inc. for the joint development and manufacture of innovative radiopharmaceutical products based on Lu-177 and Ac-225. The agreement covers the development of a validated manufacturing process as well as the GMP-compliant production of clinical investigational products. Ratio Therapeutics will use the newly built GMP suites at the Eckert & Ziegler production site near Boston, MA, USA, from July 2022 for this purpose. … more

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