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Constructions & Disruptions


Here you will find information on planned construction work on the Campus Berlin-Buch, upcoming dendrological work, parking lot closures, restrictions on the northern section of the S2 commuter rail line (S-Bahn).

Landscaping redesign and planting of the wetland in front of house 54.

16.05.2022, 09:00 probably until 30.09.2022, 18:00

From May 16 until about September 30, the wetland in front of House 54 will be redesigned and replanted based on a design plan coordinated with campus users.

New plants will include climate resistant trees such as copper rock pear and amber tree in combination with flowering under plantings and an addition of rhododendrons.

The wetland will be planted with cattails, marsh iris, and pennywort, among others.

Other measures include the construction of a "bench of remembrance" at a winter cherry tree, path renovation and the installation of boulders as seating.

Note: Old tree stock was no longer safe for traffic; preservation not possible

Location: Between bus stop/kindergarten and house 54

Source: Liegenschaftsverwaltung Campus Berlin-Buch

Design sketch wetland (PDF)

Construction Activity S-Bahn Line S2

29.07.2022, 00:01 probably until 26.09.2022, 23:59

Northern section
Project: As part of the expansion of the "Stettiner Bahn" in the area of Berlin Nordkreuz - Berlin Karow, residual work of the second construction stage is taking place, the bridge over Wiltbergstraße has reached its technical service life after more than 100 years and is being replaced by a new construction, and the tracks are being renewed in Buch.

    29.07. - 09.08.
    Closure Blankenburg <> Buch
    02.09. - 05.09., 09.09. - 12.09., 23.09. - 26.09.
    Closure Karow <> Zepernick

Source: S-Bahn GmbH

Construction Activity Line S2
Train Station S2 Buch
Train Station S2 Buch

Information provided by the S-Bahn (PDF)

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