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CampusVital – Healthy Campus

CampusVital supports employees in achieving the best possible performance through health-promoting behavior in order to optimally master the challenges of everyday life. The on-site and online offers help to integrate exercise, relaxation and positive thinking into everyday working life.

Course room
Inside the fitness studio


People who are employed on Campus Berlin-Buch benefit from the CampusVitalcard. This makes it possible for you to use a variety of health and prevention offers on campus. Within the scope of the model project to introduce corporate health management (CHM) on Campus Berlin-Buch, the CampusVitalCard is supported both by the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse and by the participating companies and institutions.

Award ceremony WRAM2020

Fitness & Courses

A prevention and fitness center on Campus Berlin-Buch offers health-oriented fitness training, an attractive course program and a variety of health activities. Here CampusVital members can improve their strength, endurance, coordination and physical fitness or find relaxation, assisted by a professional team of fitness trainers and sports scientists.

The CampusVital fitness studio offers fitness training, endurance training, group and circuit training as well as personal training.


Digital Health Offers

Members take advantage of digital offers such as workouts and coaching sessions, they benefit from the flexible use of streaming offers as well as the podcasts of our partners. Participants receive valuable tips and additional motivation in the live coaching sessions with CampusVital trainers.  

Health Day

Who Cycles the Most?

In the annual "Who cycles the most?" competition between Berlin state companies, employees have brought the winner's trophy to the campus several times – and also saved CO2 emissions with healthy exercise.

Corporate Health Management

CampusVital is a joint initiative to promote the health of the people employed on Campus Berlin-Buch. To this end, the research institutions and companies of Campus Berlin-Buch have set up a joint corporate health management (CHM) system with the support of the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse. CampusVital contributes to the development of a sustainable health culture by strengthening social cohesion among all employees on campus through sports and exercise.

Babette Beuster, Health Manager
Robert-Rössle-Str.10, Haus D79
13125 Berlin

Phone: 030-9489 -3346 (AM) / -3345

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23.04.2024, 10:00-
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Campus Bike Days 2024

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06.05.2024, 09:00-
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realtime PCR und digital PCR Kurs

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14.05.2024, 09:00-
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Auswertung und Analyse von Proteinen mit Western Blot