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Rental & Leasing

The Biotech Park Berlin-Buch is one of the largest biotech parks in Germany. It offers founders and companies around 31,000 square meters of moderately priced industry-specific laboratory and office space equipped with the latest technology. Start-ups can grow and thrive in the Innovation and Incubation Center; building sites on campus allow for future development options. The managing company, Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH, supports the companies in all matters and provides a full range of services.


Looking for moderately priced industry-specific lab and office space for your company?

Please contact us:

Dr. Christina Quensel
Managing Director
Phone: 030 / 9489 2511
Fax: 030 / 9489 3812
e-mail: cquensel@campusberlinbuch.de

Sabrina Teinz
Rental Management
Phone: 030 / 9489 2525
Fax: 030 / 9489 3812
e-mail: s.teinz@campusberlinbuch.de

Please feel free to check out our real estate portal.

Our Campus Management and Technical Operations teams provide the following services for tenants in the BiotechPark of the Campus:

  • Demand-oriented and flexible provision of rental space
  • Support services for start-ups
  • Comprehensive tenant support
  • 24 hour technical emergency service
  • Utility invoicing
  • Coordination of remodeling and renovation work according to the tenant’s requirements
  • Service, maintenance, development and expansion of the infrastructure of the Campus