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Our Partners

In accordance with the international and interdisciplinary mission of the location, Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH serves as interface and partner of regional and international networks:

Together with other regional partners, Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH supports the integrated development of Buch as a health location.

The cluster of the health industry – the central location for all aspects of biotechnology in the health region Berlin-Brandenburg

The investment bank Berlin (IBB) is the central development bank of the State of Berlin.

Member in the Federal Association of German Innovation, Technology and Incubator Centers

Bio Deutschland: Biotechnology industry association in Germany

Berlin Sciences Navigator

The Council of European Bioregions (CEBR) is a network of leading European biotech locations to improve cooperation, technology transfer, partnering and cluster development.

ScanBalt Campus is a network of life science initiatives in the Nordic region including Northern Germany

Networks and partners in the educational sector can be found at www.glaesernes-labor.de