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EPO Berlin‐Buch GmbH starts strategic collaboration with NexusPharma to foster its market position in the USA

2016-01-08 / Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology Berlin‐Buch GmbH (EPO) has entered into a partnership with NexusPharma, a Philadelphia‐based preclinical pharmacological testing company, to facilitate introduction of their Berlin‐based collection of primary patient‐derived tumor models and EPO’s new humanized tumor models to cancer researchers in the United States.

The EPO technology suite offers US pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies state‐of‐the‐art, clinically relevant models for validation of drug candidates for cancer treatment, and for identification of biomarkers.

“With direct access to primary patient‐derived tumors, US‐based drug developers will have the most clinically predictive method for validating cancer drug candidates. The combination of EPO’s primary patient‐derived low passage tumors in concert with NexusPharma’s specialized models brings drug development to a new level.” said Dr. Jens Hoffmann, CEO of EPO.

EPO has been working with predictive primary patient derived tumor models for more than fifteen years. The co‐marketing agreement adds another dimension to the service portfolio. US clients can partner with NexusPharma to characterize their new immune‐oncology compounds using EPO’s humanized tumor models in combination with NexusPharma’s specialized patient‐derived xenografts.

Both companies will actively present data supporting the particular strengths of studies performed with primary patient‐derived tumors, appearing at conferences and trade shows across the U.S., beginning with the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting April 15.

„The collaboration with EPO and the joint use and characterization of personalized tumor models will allow us to profile new drug candidates more efficiently and broadly than was previously possible. This will enable better prediction of the clinical activity of new molecules, and thus enhance translation of drug leads into clinical studies and personalized co‐clinical trials”, says Dr. Lutz Weber, CEO of NexusPharma.


About EPO
Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology Berlin‐Buch GmbH (EPO) is one of Germany’s leading contract research organizations (CRO), providing comprehensive services for preclinical oncology research worldwide. EPO has specialized in development of tailored basic and translational research models to support drug development, starting from target validation and compound screening, and ending with integrational in vivo studies addressing pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, biomarkers, and tolerability. EPO’s operations meet high industrial standards, as acknowledged by more than 125 customers worldwide. Our highly motivated and qualified team guarantees short response times, consistency of service, regular updates and transparency. EPO is based at the Campus Berlin‐Buch, one of Germany ́s leading biotech locations, with 54 companies on‐site.


Further information:
Dr. Jens Hoffmann, CEO
Tel: +49 (0)30 94894440
e‐mail: jens.hoffmann@epo‐berlin.com

About NexusPharma
NexusPharma Inc. is a biotechnology company focusing on the development and research of new methods for cancer treatment, founded in Pennsylvania in 2005. In close collaboration with the Fox Chase Cancer Center and other academic institutions, new technologies are developed that enable selection and broad characterization of novel agents for preclinical and clinical development.
NexusPharma’s focus is on new biological drug targets, related cell based assays and personalized animal models. These models can be utilized in research collaborations, but also on a fee‐for‐service basis to biotech and pharma companies.


Further information:
Dr. Lutz Weber, CEO
Tel: +1‐215‐214‐1499
e‐mail: lutz.weber@nexuspharm.com

Source: Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology Berlin‐Buch GmbH (EPO)

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