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Marketing & PR

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften

On behalf of the institutions on campus and the health location Berlin-Buch, the CampusPR team organizes events such as the Long Night of the Sciences and provides assistance for visitor groups. The magazine buchinside, issued by the CampusPR team on a regular basis, is directed toward employees as well as guests of the campus and the health location.

To promote sustainable development of the Campus, Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH has played a significant role in raising the profile and visibility of the city district of Berlin-Buch as a health region. In conjunction with these efforts, Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH has attracted circa 500,000 euros in funding for the years 2011 – 2014. Together with major Buch-based industry stakeholders, an umbrella brand for site marketing has been developed for the entire health location of Buch. Furthermore, numerous communication and marketing measures have been implemented, such as the Web portal www.berlin-buch.com, an image brochure and a marketing campaign for Berlin-Buch.

In addition, the Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH is also actively involved in the activities and communication platforms of the Berlin-Brandenburg technology cluster and the Berlin Partner network.