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Life Science Learning Lab

As a non-school learning center with five research laboratories, the Life Science Learning Lab (German name: Gläsernes Labor) offers more than 20 experimental courses in molecular biology, neurobiology, cell biology, ecology, radioactivity and chemistry for secondary school students. The educational concept is designed to ensure that all experiments are related to the school curriculum and that the students perform experiments independently in small groups. The courses are led by scientists from the campus research institutions.

Website: www.glaesernes-labor.de


Gabriele Binder
Phone 030 / 9489 2928
Fax 030 / 9489 2927
e-Mail: info@glaesernes-labor.de

Gläsernes Labor

Life Science Learning Lab Academy

Continuing education courses for technical staff and laboratory technicians

The Life Science Learning Lab addresses the ever increasing technical requirements of laboratory work by offering qualification courses geared to specific target groups. The courses are designed for technical staff and lab technicians from life science research institutions and biotech companies. These must adapt faster and faster to new developments and product innovations. In addition, requirements have become more demanding in the organization of work processes, in the planning and interpretation of experiments and in obtaining information. For more than ten years, the Life Science Learning Lab has been offering continuing education courses for technical staff and scientists in collaboration with TÜV Rheinland. The topics include molecular biology, CRISPR/Cas and GMP.


Dr. Uwe Lohmeier
Phone 030 / 9489 2935
Fax 030 / 9489 2927
e-Mail: info@glaesernes-labor-akademie.de

Website: www.glaesernes-labor-akademie.de